1. Join a committee –program, public service, education, membership.
  2. Take the APR exam. If you’re already accredited, teach an APR class or sit on the readiness review panel.
  3. Work the registration table at a professional development event.
  4. Agree to make a phone call on behalf of a committee member, e.g., location identification, membership interest follow up.
  5. Attend a professional development session – and better yet, bring a friend!
  6. Phone a new member. Follow up with an email.
  7. Identify one potential new member and then follow him or her through the process.
  8. Organize a professional development event mailing session – stuff and label flyers – make a lunch or dinner out of it!
  9. Take a book out from the Chapter’s professional development resource library. Return it when you’re done!
  10. Visit the Chapter’s website. Bookmark it and visit it again!
  11. Sponsor a Chapter professional development event with dollars or volunteer services.
  12. Write an article for the chapter’s newsletter.
  13. Identify a potential sponsor for a professional development event.
  14. Talk about the chapter to your colleagues. Pass on their feedback to the president.
  15. Introduce yourself to two new people at a professional development event. Exchange business cards.
  16. Inquire about chapter leadership. Decide on the timing and get involved!
  17. Be a guest speaker at a chapter professional development event.
  18. Write an article for the chapter’s newsletter recapping a professional development event.
  19. Organize a brown bag lunch with fellow members.
  20. Think of another way to get involved with your chapter and pass it on to the president to update his or her list!