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Marketing Manager – Sulloway & Hollis, P.L.L.C.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Marketing Manager coordinates with Firm Management, Practice Group leaders, and individual attorneys to develop and implement marketing activities, public relations, and client services, to increase visibility and brand recognition that strengthens and expands the Firm’s client base and New England regional presence.

The specific responsibilities of the position include:

1. Working with Firm Management and Practice Group Leaders to prepare a Firm Marketing Plan and prioritizing specific marketing goals on an annual basis. Develop a budget for the Firm’s marketing efforts. Prepare quarterly reports to the Managing Director and COO on marketing activities including, where appropriate, metrics to evaluate the Firm’s return on investment.

2. Assist Firm Management and Practice Group Leaders to develop and implement the Firm’s Marketing Plan, including coordinating the preparation of Requests for Proposals, participating in specific marketing initiatives or training, and assisting lawyers in such activities. Maintain a data base of all RFPs to streamline preparation and ensure consistency. Facilitate follow-up on activities with attorneys and clients.

3. Assist the Firm’s representatives to organizations focused on law firm marketing and referrals such as The Harmonie Group, FDCC, ADTA, DRI and other similar industry, regional or local groups to assist in the development of firm business and revenue. Encourage attorneys to seek leadership positions in such organizations and assist attorneys to identify leadership opportunities and relevant organizations.

4. Work with outside vendors to design, update and maintain the Firm’s website and other online and print marketing materials for the Firm and its attorneys, including Firm and attorney profiles, practice descriptions, brochures, electronic newsletters, blogs and similar materials. Oversee and update, as needed, print and electronic mailing lists, and create alerts and updates for targeted communications with clients.

5. Help identify opportunities for written articles, speaking engagements and seminar/webinar topics for presentation. Work with attorneys and staff on presentation materials as needed and coordination of event details.

6. Work with attorneys on specific goals outlined in their individual annual business plans. Support efforts to create client advisories and one-on-one client development outreach. Work with Firm librarian on identifying prospects and industry trends.

7. Develop the Firm’s Annual Marketing Plan by November for the following year with input from the Managing Director, the COO, Practice Group Leaders and the Executive Committee.

8. Work with the Managing Director, the COO, Practice Group Leaders, and individual attorneys to develop specific action plans for business and client development. As part of that process, attend practice group meetings.

9. Promote Firm-wide culture focusing on client service and development. Implement best strategies for effective marketing and growth. Develop training programs, or individual coaching, as needed, for attorneys to assist in their marketing, “rainmaking,” and client outreach.

10. Work with the COO to maintain Firm databases utilized for marketing, business development, public relations and client services; generate reports as requested.

11. Arrange for professional photoshoots and maintain image and logo files. Prepare various art files (head shots, candid photos, logos, and graphics) for use in online and print materials. Work as needed with graphic design professionals to design artwork and select productions for use at tradeshows, presentations, etc.

12. Manage client services, functions, events, and opportunities for the Firm including:

a. create media content that adheres to Firm’s Graphic Identity Style Guides and Social Media/Media policies;
b. develop, organize and provide support for Firm receptions, conferences, seminars and other Firm marketing events;
c. select and manage the distribution of Firm branded products for Firm sponsored events, such as golf outings, industry meetings and seminars; and
d. purchase and distribute Holiday cards and thank-you gifts for clients or referral sources to attorneys as needed.

13. Work with the Managing Director, the COO, and Practice Group Leaders to manage the Firm’s profile on online directories and referral sites. Submit information for attorney and Firm awards or recognition. Determine which directories to focus Firm efforts on as part of over-all Marketing Plan.

14. Assist the Managing Director, the COO, and Practice Group Leaders with implementation of client satisfaction surveys, market research, and coordination of periodic meetings with major Firm clients.

15. Facilitate sponsorships and sponsored events. Keep Practice Group Leaders up to date on sponsorship and event opportunities relevant to their practice areas.

16. Provide networking and marketing support to attorneys attending out-of-state CLEs approved by Managing Director and Practice Group Leaders

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