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Communications Officer for School Administrative Unit #8, Concord NH


    Under the general direction of the Superintendent, plans, develops and implements a comprehensive communication program to increase understanding and build relationships between Concord School District and its important constituencies including parents, teachers, members of the community, local nonprofit agencies and members of the news media.


    • Experience in a school district, governmental entity, or similar organization
    • Experience in collaborating with multiple departments in a fast-paced environment
    • Strategic and analytical skills with an ability to solve problems and make decisions
    • Strong written and oral communication skills
    • Knowledge of the internet, web-page authoring tools, and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and basic graphic and web design


    • Manage all public and internal information activities related to the school district
    • Build and monitor the District/CRTC Communication Plan
    • Build and manage the District’s social media profiles and presence
    • Manage and collaborate with stakeholders in providing researched based parent engagement
    • Point of contact for communications during emergencies
    • Flexible and able to change projects or priorities on a frequent basis
    • Responsible for the handling of materials and information of a confidential nature
    • Administer all webpages updates and newsletters from the Superintendent/Board/CRTC
    • Monitor and assist with updating webpages for school sites and department
    • Assist with development, implementation, and data analysis of stakeholder surveys
    • Assist with coordination of partnership programs with parents, volunteers, businesses, and the community in general
    • Able to plan, coordinate, and run focus group meetings, organize data and create reports to summarize findings


    • Communicate with District personnel, representatives of community organizations and others regarding media and public information needs
    • Answer inquiries from teachers, parents, school administration, staff, outside agencies, and other authorities; provide appropriate information as required
    • Provide assistance on department and district policies and procedures when requested
    • Work with Concord TV
    • Develop and maintain high-level presentation materials to be used with internal departments, other school departments, public and outside agencies
    • Assist in the collection, preparation, and review of data from a wide variety of sources for reports, proposals, and other formal written communications; gather, classify, and summarize reports
    • Assist with preparing CRTC’s Perkins application and Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment by gathering data from students, parents and future employers to strengthen the alignment of CRTC’s programs and regional workforce needs.
    • Compile and assemble databases, charts, and tables as requested by, or in anticipation of district needs using several types of software programs
    • Participate in ensuring all reports and correspondence achieve a high level of quality
    • Review finished work for clerical accuracy, completeness, and compliance to established standards
    • Prepare and update state, county, and District directories for respective agencies and requests from outside (non-state) agencies
    • Perform other duties as assigned


    • Manages day-to-day activities related to community relations in direct support of developing our work in the areas of media relations and public relations programs
    • The Director also coordinates, supports our school leadership teams monitoring and guiding our print, broadcast and emerging media
    • Works to strengthen internal and external communications and stakeholder engagement for our school district with a focus on developing and recommending communication strategies, to assist with developing targeted communication plans
    • Crafts messages to support and communicate our key initiatives, programs, decisions, and/or events in the Concord School District
    • Maintains and enhances the public’s understanding of our school district’s work and many accomplishments
    • Assists communication in the event of emergencies at schools, in the community or other situations requiring immediate response with media, families and the community.
    • Develops and implements effective communication and marketing strategies to promote our programs, initiatives, operations, decisions, and accomplishments, tailoring strategies to the subject matter and targeted audiences including families as well as business, civic, government and community organizations
    • Leads efforts to generate media coverage and implements standards for reviewing and responding to media requests for information, ensuring coordination within our program offices and schools as needed.
    • Provides consultation, advice and assistance to our administrators as needed to help formulate school and department communications.
    • Develops, coordinates and facilitates communication training as needed to build greater capacity among staff and administrators, as well as among public relations liaisons in schools and departments, to effectively communicate the work and accomplishments of the school division.
    • Coordinates and assists with the development of communication materials including print, video, web, multimedia presentations, special events and other communication activities.
    • Develop strategic communications plan
    • Complete the District brochure
    • Generate positive news through effective media relations
    • Leverage studies and reports to highlight the breadth of our programs
    • Institute a variety of social media strategies that delivers ongoing information


    • Basic graphic and web design
    • Basic English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and report and/or correspondence writing
    • Computer software application in word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, data base, and presentation software
    • Source documents and data entry verification
    • Time management/organizational skills


    • Perform under demanding and varied work schedules, with the ability to remain flexible and focused
    • Meet and collaborate effectively with the general public, staff members, parents,
    • administrators and other contact persons using tact and good judgement
    • Serve on committees as required or appropriate
    • Understand and carry out assigned work with minimal supervision
    • Take responsibility to use good judgement in recognizing scope of authority
    • Clearly explain a wide variety of complex procedures and policies to individuals who have minimal knowledge of related process and procedures
    • Maintain confidentiality of information, and use proper discretion concerning confidential matters
    • Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action
    • Maintain and control multiple tasks/projects simultaneously with interruptions
    • Maintain accurate and neat records and reports
    • Present statistical data in tables, charts or graph form
    • Learn and use technology and computer software applications as appropriate to the work
    • Communicate effectively in the English and Spanish language, both orally and in writing
    • Deal effectively with a wide variety of personalities and situations requiring diplomacy, friendliness, poise and firmness


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