Writing Without Bullshit for Public Relations Professionals

Today, people read everything on a screen. That demands copy that’s brief, bold and BS-free. Join Yankee Chapter PRSA and author Josh Bernoff at the offices of LTC Partners to explore the breakthrough power of writing shorter copy, the secrets of effective web copy, and writing processes that maximize flow and creativity.

Bernoff will compare two PR approaches: the simple, direct communication that powers Google, Apple and Twitter, and the more traditional, wordy approach. You’ll learn how to maximize the meaning ratio: the percentage of meaningful words in a piece of prose. And you’ll learn how to write as directly as possible, avoid toxic prose, and develop a process that can maintain meaning even with multiple reviewers involved. Each attendee will receive a copy of Josh Bernoff’s book Writing Without Bullshit with the opportunity to have the copy signed following the presentation.

Tuesday, May 2 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

LTC Partners, 100 Arboretum Drive #200, Newington, NH 03801

Members: $40.00 • Non-Members: $50.00 • Students/Interns: $20.00

About Josh Bernoff

Josh Bernoff has been a professional writer since 1982. He has coauthored three books on business strategy, including Groundswell, which was a bestseller. Bernoff is passionate about clear, brief, and fascinating communication.

For 20 years at Forrester Research, he wrote and edited reports on the future of technology. It was there that he learned to do kickass analysis of business strategy, and then taught others to do so. In his last five years there, as Senior Vice President, Idea Development, he identified, developed, and promoted Forrester’s most powerful and influential ideas. He gave hundreds of speeches around the world, got quoted in every news source you can name, and gave strategy advice to countless clients from the world’s largest companies and tech vendors. Bernoff also created Technographics, the segmentation that launched Forrester’s highly successful consumer survey business.